Testimonials - Our Patients Speak

"Yours must be one of the few professions where it is a complement to hear "I feel nothing and I think of you…"Hmm… maybe I do feel something (GREAT). Thank you so much for your care and touch. It feels good to feel good!"


Sara M.

Danville, CA

"Lifestyle Chiropractic is all about giving you the ability to attain goals, regaining your range of mobility, being actively involved in your life - instead of watching from the sidelines.It is your life – Be a part of it – with Lifestyle Chiropractic."

Rebecca K.

Danville, CA

"Dr. Mark Sembrat has greatly enhanced my recovery from shoulder replacement surgery.He has helped enable me to stay active, travel to exotic and sometimes difficult areas of the world, and to relish daily life."

Penny S.

Discovery Bay, CA


Dyane F

Tracy, CA

"I firmly believe that Dr. Sembrat's approach and care is one of the best!He believes in a whole healthcare and educational approach. He pushes me to walk and exercise regularly. In addition, Dr. Sembrat is more than willing to pull out his medical books and show me how the muscles and nerves tie together. That kind of personal attention is something that few doctors provide in our jam-packed society today."

Kelly S.

Danville, CA

"The office is professional, personal, honest, comfortable, and I leave with a sense that I was in perfect hands."

Richard M.

Danville, CA

"During the course of our chiropractic treatment, we may feel like not much is changing until that one time we reach for something at an angle that is normally a painful position…..to be able to pick up a child , a box, a purse, or a book and realize the pain normally creating the inability to accomplish the task…..is no longer stopping you."

Rebecca K.

Danville, CA

"Dr. Sembrat adjusted me with a gentleness that put me in a state of amazement. From that moment on I knew he was the right chiropractor for me."

Dutch A.

Castro Valley, CA

"I was experiencing severe pain and numbness down my arm and in my fingers. I use my arm and fingers on my right hand all the time. I use them when playing sports and when working on my computer. I was severely hampered from using them prior to receiving Chiropractic care. I could not sleep on my right side or lift my arm for more than 5 seconds to shave. Any movement involving the extension of my right arm was extremely painful. I took the pain pills prescribed by my HMO, but they only limited the pain and helped me to sleep. It took a month to get an appointment with a physical therapist and he gave me some exercises to perform. They, along with some ice packs, brought temporary relief.My wife, a current patient, referred me to Lifestyle Chiropractic. Although I had received previous chiropractic care for my lower back in the past, I was a little skeptical about treatment involving my arm and fingers. The initial visit involved an examination, x-ray, and a few bone manipulations. The second examination was a consultation where Dr. Sembrat explained my obstacles and reviewed x-ray pictures of my spine. We discussed the kind of treatment I would need and what it would cost me. I was offered three methods of payment at that time. Now, I do not experience any numbness in my fingers when I use the computer. I can now sleep on my right side. The treatment has continued for 2 months.

It worked for me, and I believe, in the right hands, it would work for everyone."

Mark B.

Hayward, CA

Also I will refer any clients of mine in need of your service.

I want to thank you for your honesty with me!!!Thank you!

Ron F.

Alamo, CA

My back has been pretty good. It was INFINITELY better after I saw you, and I was fine during the show.

Gita R.

New York, NY